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DinghyPerformance is CHANGING.


The company is being relocated in Kerry (Ireland) and is building ties with the Tralee Bay Maritime Centre and O'Sullivan Marine.


Manager and director Thomas Chaix is now dedicating an increasing number of days to the Centre (on a semi-volunteer capacity) and has therefore decreased the amount of hour spent afloat under DinghyPerformance. His last program (the Optimist Performance team) was a superb success with 5 sailors out 6 achieving top 10 at the Irish trials and he will now focus on a handful of private contracts to maintain a steady stream of income whilst growing the charter and sales side of the business and growing the business of the Maritime Centre.


The summer tour will however happen, led by Viviane Chaix and a team of solid international coaches.


Thomas coaching contracts are reaching capacity for the Summer 2017. IODAI has him booked for the U12 squad and the IDT and a few private contracts have been secured directly by parents. He will also run in partnership with HYC the team racing VP trophy.


The charter fleet is now composed by 8 WINNER 3D star optimists (from 2015 & 2016) and 2 older boats for cheap/regatta fleet charter.


The 3 RIBs can be available to charter when not in use.


The sailing Simulator is now on permanent loan to the TBMC.



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Thomas Chaix


Lehenaghmore business park, Togher, Co Cork, Ireland

Managed by Thomas Chaix