Thomas Chaix Sailing ltd is trading as DinghyPerformance


We are dedicated in our aim which is promoting "best performance" out of competitive sailors.


Training, clinics, advice and support is delivered by a small group of dedicated professional part time or full time coaches.


We share and interlink our knowledge of the sport and of our sailors, always improving the quality of our coaching, thus maximising athlete progress and performance.


We provide advice but also access the best gear on the Market to offer young sailors the best chance at performance. From Charter to purchase we have complete solution in the optimist class, and our offer just keeps growing.


Thomas Chaix Sailing ltd is also trading as Ride&Sail. This is a new branch promoting cycling as cross training of choice. We are advising sailors on how best to use cycling and we are in the process of securing access to a good brand of choice for bikes and cycling equipment... In the mean time, we source bikes that are ex display, older version and assemble them.



Thomas Chaix Sailing Ltd

Amazing news!

DinghyPerformance is now engaging an extra gear. We have just been trusted by Tornado International to start offering Tornado RIB craft to Ireland.

Thomas has had significant coaching success with his 29er team and will travel with both partnerships to the Youth worlds 2019.

Thomas's team is now fully operational on the Optimist circuit delivering support and coaching advice to the next generation.


Extra gear means better means of communication and more effective online presence: This website is becoming very obsolete and will be revamped soon


Now fully based in Tralee, the company is looking to develop its offer from coaching, mentoring, advising competitive sailors as well as growing the resale side of competitive gear. Event organisation and management was started as a new offer in 2017 and showed outstanding success.

Thomas is no longer the ISA (rebranded Irish Sailing) junior coach but his knowledge of Irish junior sailing is second to none and the DinghyPerformance coaching offer reflects a logic of progress, results and builds sailors for life, all within the spirit of the Irish Sailing Pathway.





Bcademy 2015 team
coach the coaches
clinic in Malta
Bcademy team 2016
The minibus DinghyPerformance
Justin Lucas wins the CIE Long Range race
junior champs 2016
UK nats 2016 champ: Tom Higgins
Topper worlds champ: Sophie Crosbie
GP14 clinic 2016
only the best: foils

The brand

We have a home : The Tralee Bay Maritime Centre

With our warehouse in Tralee and Tralee Bay as our playground, we now operate from Kerry


We now carry the brand "Ride&Sail" and "Tornado.Ireland"



Clough, Doon, Tralee, Co Kerry, Ireland

office : Deerpark, Lixnaw, Co Kerry, Ireland


Thomas Chaix

Services for competitive sailors by a sailor